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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Great Game with Real Money Earnings

Market Glory, Great Game, Lots of Fun, Real Money!! 

I recently found an awesome new game called MarketGlory. It is an online economical, political and military style tycoon game. And the greatest part is you can actually earn real money. Sounds crazy but this game has its own global market that you can gradually tap into totally free. You also have the option to invest real money into your character/company to speed things up.

Starting is as easy as registering which only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have started it can take some time building up your character, but don't get discouraged it will come. Your tasks will consist of working once a day and fighting to start. Working increases your XP(experience points) and you will receive a small income as well. As you build XP and your energy level builds you will earn more money and bonus'

Energy is important, you will need to build enough money to by food to eat all day. You lose energy through-out the day and eating will keep you from bottoming out at 1. It takes 4 meals to get through one day, so I suggest having enough money for 4 meals before buying them. Once you start buying meals your energy will go up. Again, this will reflect your income and bonus'.

 The US needs new citizens now!! Now offering nice USD bonus for working 7 days!! 

There are many different companies you can start, anything from a restaurant to a gun factory and everything in between. Starting a business can greatly increase your income as you are selling items that other players require to grow themselves. Starting a business can take some time but the game does offer one for free, well sort of. You can start a newspaper for free and because they give players energy, they will sell. That said they will cost a couple gold to produce, so remember to save up a little gold before you start. 

Speaking of gold, there are three main currencies in the game. Euro, gold, and your countries currency. At anytime you can exchange any one currency for another. Your countries currency is where your income will come from to start and because gold is more then your countries currency and euro more then gold, working and fighting everyday is imperative.

Well hopefully this will get you started and you will have as much fun on MarketGlory as I am. 

Click here to register and start your empire today!!